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About Us


Cherry Ridge is a family owned and operated farm located in Northeast Arkansas. Since 1917, our family has been proud to own and work this land. That’s four generations of farmers working side by side, passing down a strong work ethic and commitment to maintain a sustainable farm.  At Cherry Ridge, we believe in a hands-on management approach and can be found working the fields alongside our employees to ensure that the highest quality of care goes into our products.


We pride ourselves on being innovative and always on the forefront of new crop expansion and farming techniques. Our family farm managers have obtained professional degrees in Agricultural Mechanization and Agricultural Business. We remain dedicated to continuing that education which is why we have attended multiple conferences and farm tours in Kentucky, California, Nevada, Tennessee, North Carolina, and will continue to seek out the newest information that the industry has to offer.


Our family knows the importance of investing in the health of humanity, and we are excited to be producing and selling only top quality hemp flower, CBD and Delta-8 goods. 

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