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Smokable Hemp Flower

Most people are familiar with hemp products thanks to CBD oil and CBD edibles, but did you know hemp also has a smokable flower? CBD oils, edibles, and other products from Cherry Ridge are still the most prevalent way to consume CBD, but smokable hemp is becoming increasingly more popular.
Smokable hemp has some unique benefits that you may not know about. Smoking hemp is the fastest way to get CBD into the body. For users looking to experience the effects of CBD at its fastest reaction method, smokable flowers are the way to go. 

Another reason to consider smokable hemp is something known as the “entourage effect.” While hemp plants do contain the CBD compound; they also contain terpenes (the aromatic compounds in the flower that are responsible for its characteristic aroma and flavor profiles), as well as the related compounds CBG, CBC and more. While many CBD products contain CBD isolate only, smokable hemp flowers are known as a “full spectrum” product. These full spectrum hemp products contain all the naturally occurring compounds of the entire hemp flower. This means that you get to experience the complete, unaltered effects of all of the cannabinoids present, which is known as the entourage effect.
Many users also enjoy smoking hemp flowers for the aesthetics. Much of cannabis culture and iconography has been established around smoking the plant. Smokable hemp flowers give users the ability to use their favorite pipes or rolling papers with a cannabidiol that offers its own unique blend of compounds.
All of our smokable hemp flowers are grown, dried, & cured organically in-house at Cherry Ridge, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best CBD product we have to offer.

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