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CBD Hemp and Other High Quality Hemp Products

Cherry Ridge is proud to be one of the leading CBD hemp farms in Arkansas. Our high quality hemp products come in a variety of potencies and have all been independently certified to meet the state’s strict standards for what qualifies as a CBD hemp plant.

CBD is one of the most exciting developments in the cannabis and hemp industry. An abbreviation for cannabidiol, CBD is derived from the oils of the hemp plant and presents many of the benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effects. CBD can be a great choice for people who are seeking the health and wellness benefits that cannabis has to offer, but aren't interested in experiencing any of the psychological effects of THC.

Today CBD is most commonly used in oils, salves, and tinctures. Cherry Ridge grows the highest quality hemp and produces these products in an eco-friendly manner. All our CBD oils are derived from organically grown hemp and have been strictly engineered to meet the highest standards. 

If you are interested in CBD but seeking a more traditional experience, we also offer smokable flowers. While CBD oil is one of the most common ways to use cannabis, smokable flowers are becoming increasingly popular for CBD users. Smokable flowers are the fastest way to get the beneficial compounds found in hemp into the body. For a more in-depth look at this method of consuming CBD, check out the Smokable Hemp tab at the top of this page.
No matter what your CBD needs are, our farm has the products and services you need. Get in touch with us at Cherry Ridge today to find out more about what we have to offer and how our products can help you.

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